Shanghai's first unmanned subway officially unveiled

Date:2018-06-22 Views:101

The first unmanned subway in Shanghai was officially unveiled. Onthe 9th, the first train of the third phase of Shanghai Rail Transit Line 8 arrived in Pujiang Town. This train adopts the world's most advanced unmanned driving technology and is expected to open trial operation at the end of the year.

It is understood that the third-phase train of the No. 8 line adopts the latest model produced by Zhongche Puzhen Bombardier Transportation System Co., Ltd.: INNOVIAAPM300 train, which has a total of four sections and a passenger capacity of about 726 people, which can realize24-hour operation.

The reporter noticed that the unmanned trains were gray and white, and there was no cab. All the cars were used to carry passengers. Passengers could go sightseeing directly in the head of the car. According to the introduction of the Shanghai Metro operator, a total of 11 trains will be purchased at the beginning of the third phase of Line 8, and the trains will arrive in Shanghai for commissioning. It is expected to open trial operation by the end of this year.

According to reports, as the biggest highlight of the third phase of the 8th line, the introduction of driverless technology will make the train operation more regular and efficient. The line is equipped with the advanced CityFlo650 signal system, which is operated by the highest level GOA4 mode of the unmanned system of the rail transit industry. It reduces the interval between trains and realizes high-frequency start, which can further reduce the waiting time of passengers while increasing the capacity.

Takingthe automatic door opening and closing as an example, the artificially driven train enters the station and the driver has to open and close thedoor for 16-20 seconds (manual delay plus system execution time). Thefully automatic driving system automatically controls the opening and closing of the door, the working time can be controlled in 8-10 seconds,and the time for passengers to get on and off is increased by about 10 seconds.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the third train of Line 8 uses the rubber wheel rail APM system (passenger automatic rapid transit  system), and the vehicle uses rubber tires to reduce noise and

vibration. As a mature and reliable mass transit system, APM system is widely used in the United States, Japan, Singapore and other countries and regions.

According to the latest data from the Shanghai Metro, Shanghai Rail Transit  currently has 367 stations and has a mileage of 617 kilometers, ranking  first in the country.