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Mini Tram (PRT: Personal Rapid Transit) system is free from limitations of conventional railway system which is bounded by scheduled operation and track route. Integration of railway system and automobile technology Mini Tram is capable of providing personalized service to passenger to desired destination.

System Outline

Automated Unmanned operation System free of track

24hour operation on demand of the passenger possible

Non-stop operation to destination

Elevated/underground construction cost down due to its compact size

Installation of emergency door/LCD monitor /emergency communication system& safety equipment

Guide method: magnetic sensor base vehicle position following mode

Power supply mode: wireless power supply mode

Body material: aluminum alloy and composite material

Wheelbase wheel: 2300/1200MM

Braking device: electronically controlled hydraulic brake (regeneration brake)

Directional: EPS automatic steering system

Product Features:

Fully unmanned automatic (invisible) rail vehicle for vertical transport

It can run 24 hours and can take 1~6 independent small vehicles.

High-priced, above-ground, underground and low-cost lightweight infrastructure can be built

No transfer operation until the destination selected by the passenger

Service can be provided on demand compared to a fixed itinerary

Suitable for passenger safety and convenience devices such as emergency exits and LCD monitors