Smart Monorail

Smart Monorail

Date:2018-06-25 Views:144

The SMART Monorail of Eco-Green-oriented Woonjin uses electric energy, that is an eco-friendly transportation with no air or environmental pollution and offers safe and comfortable feelings by low-vibration and low-noise design. In addition, sophisticated and distinctive design can be applied in harmony with the surrounding landscape, which will let thebeauty of the city stand out.

Product Features:

> Eliminate the risk of derailment by installing drive wheels, guide wheels and stationary wheels

> Install shock absorbers on the guide wheels and sheaves to improve ride comfort

> Installation of obstacles on the vehicle from the detection device to fundamentally prevent the occurrence of collision accidents

> Use tire pressure self-testing device to prevent tire puncture accidents

> Use flame retardant materials and install the most installed fire detector system

> Use the most advanced standard unmanned K-AGT design and manufacturing technology in Korea

> Parts used in the development and supply of railways at home and abroad

Product advantages:

> Reduce the cost of railway construction

>Mass production of railway structures to shorten the construction period

> Use electricity to minimize pollution

> Reduces components and wind noise by installing low skirts, while applying high quality uniform structure rail to achieve  low vibration and low noise

> Flexible operation of the vehicle on demand, with excellent driving ability with steep curves and slopes

> The flexible path design minimizes the impact on the environment and integrates with the urban landscape, taking into account the foreground rights