Delivery of the most advanced unmanned rubber wheel APM vehicle in China

Date:2018-06-26 Views:110

The world's first-class rubber wheel passenger automatic rapid transit system (APM), produced by CRRC's joint venture subsidiary, Zhongpu Puzhen Bombardi Transportation Co., Ltd., the first train arrived at Shanghai No. 8 on January 9. Line, CZP Puzhen company urban rail transit product family has added new members.

As  a mature and reliable mass transportation system, the rubber wheel APM  system is widely used in the United States, Japan, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. The domestic Beijing airport contact line and the Zhujiang New Town APM in Guangzhou They have also adopted this system for operation.

The INNOVIA APM 300 train, delivered by Bombardier of Zhongchepu Township, has a distinct modern transportation advantage. The train consists of four sections, with a total of 726 passengers. It adopts the world's most advanced unmanned driving technology (no cab at the front), uses rubber tires, travels on the concrete running surface,

has low running noise, low vibration, low maintenance cost, small turning radius, strong climbing ability, and is suitable for Running near the community.

Compared with previous rail vehicles, the technical highlights of the INNOVIA APM 300 train include: First, fully automatic driverless (no cab). The line is equipped with the advanced CityFlo 650 signal system, which operates in the highest level GOA4 mode of the unmanned system of the rail transit industry. It reduces the travel interval and achieves high-frequency start-up, which can further reduce passenger waiting time  while increasing capacity. The second is energy conservation and environmental protection. The train adopts lightweight body, regenerative braking and intelligent power management system to minimize energy consumption. At the same time, the train adopts rubber tires, which has low running noise, low vibration and integration with the surrounding environment. Third, it is safe and reliable: the train The design follows the "safety-oriented" principle, with unique safety design such as "explosion-proof rim tires"; high reliability, to meet the 24/7 uninterrupted operational needs. Fourth,the life cycle cost is better: the use of technologies such as driverless, energy-saving, and advanced maintenance systems brings more optimized life cycle costs. The fifth is the people-oriented design: the train door width is 1980mm (the current A-type subway door width is 1400mm), the wide-width door can be more conducive to passengers to speed up and down, reduce stop time, shorten the departure interval, increase the frequency and system operation can. In addition, unlike the conventional APM train, the third-phase trains of Line 8 are inter connected, increasing the passenger capacity and distributing passengers more evenly.

The third phase of Shanghai Line 8 runs from Shendu Road Station to Huiyu Road Station. It has a total length of 6.6 kilometers and 6 stations. It will shuttle to and operate in Pujiang Town, Minhang District, and will be exchanged with Shendu Highway Station on Line 2 and Phase II. Take advantage of the convenient connection with the downtown area. It

is reported that a total of 11 trains will be purchased at the beginning of the third phase of the 8th line. The trains will arrive in Shanghai for commissioning and will be put into trial operation by the end of 2017.